Lexus IS XE10 Headlight repair & upgrade kits HID xenon LED

Engineered by Nobuaki Katayama, the Lexus IS XE10 was launched in 1998 and immediately went on to win Car of The Year Award Japan. It was designed to outperform European luxury sport sedans and has become widely popular for its dependability; Kelly Blue Book gave it the Best to Hold Value Award 2001. With the Lexus IS XE10 remaining in production until 2005, the lighting technology used in these cars is however more than 20 years old today.

Factory-fitted options included HB4/HB3 halogen headlight.

The halogen version features an HB4 reflector that produces an average light beam even when new. In many cases, its light output has been further compromised as bulb heat and general ageing cause the reflective layer to peel off.

Needless to say, buying new or used original headlights for your Lexus IS XE10 is not recommended. But there is fortunately no need for that. Whether your car was factory-fitted with HB4/HB3 halogen headlights, there are upgrade kits that will fit inside your existing headlights.

These complete retrofit kits not only provide you with superior brightness and durability; they are also more affordable than average Lexus IS XE10 xenon headlights with bulbs and ballasts, and since all components are brand new, they come with a 2-year warranty. Additional benefits over OEM headlights include Canbus-proof designs and effortless halogen-to-xenon conversions. What’s more, the levelling systems will work without any adjustments to the headlight connectors, and you can use any ballasts that you might already own to save further on xenon upgrades.

No matter which retrofit upgrade kit you pick, you will improve the light output considerably, making for safer and more enjoyable driving. And, of course, your Lexus IS XE10 will look awesome with the luxurious bright light of the latest xenon technology.

Lexus IS XE10

Lexus IS XE10



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