High quality Osram and budget D4S HID xenon bulbs

D4S HID xenon bulbs

Looking for a high-quality OEM D4S HID xenon bulb from Osram or a budget D4S HID xenon bulb? We have a suitable bulb for you! You can find your ideal option in our full assortment of budget and high-performance D4S HID xenon bulbs.

Xenon HID bulbs get less bright during their lifetime, so changing the bulbs is very important to have a good light output. When the xenon HID output color turns into a violet or pink color, the bulb is at the end of its life and needs to be replaced. To keep the same output and color (which is also most comfortable on your eyes for driving) it is advised and common to replace both bulbs at the same time.


When the base of the bulb, like D4S, is the same as the bulb you have in your headlight, it is compatible and it will fit, there are no other things to look out for. So it is only important to know the bulb base, like D4S.

Budget options

When you are on a budget our regular D4S xenon bulbs are a really outstanding choice, don't be fooled by the low price, these D4S bulbs do have a good build quality and a seriously good light output.
Don't want to break the bank? But want better quality than the regular D4S xenon bulbs? The Aharon XB35 is the best option for you. Better build quality, available in the popular 5500k color temperature and still for a very affordable price. This bulb really has a good price/performance ratio.

High-quality performance options

When you want OEM (original equipment manufacturer) high performance HID xenon bulbs, the Osram or Philips ones are the best xenon HID bulbs available.

Generally speaking, these are the biggest differences between the Osram and Philips xenon bulbs;
For the best light output and visibility in bad weather conditions we advise the Osram XNN line, it has a color temperature of around 4300k.
For good light performance and more pure white color, the best option is the Osram CBN line, it has a color temperature of around 6000k.
When you are searching for a bulb with high output and a bluer color temperature the Osram CBB xenon bulbs are the best available, color temperature around 6500k (no ECE approval). The Philips bulbs are also very powerful (in some tests the most powerful available) and slightly whiter than the Osram XN2. 

K (Kelvin) ratings HID xenon bulbs

The K (kelvin) rating specifies the color temperature of a light source. The K ratings in HID xenon bulbs go from an almost yellow 3000K to an 8000K which is a more blue color.
Generally speaking (the color perception is a bit subjective) the K ratings and colors are as follows;

3000k = Almost yellow
4300k = White with a hint of yellow (best for driving in bad weather conditions and comfortable for the eyes)
5000/5500k = More pure white color, good for general driving conditions and a modern color
6000/6500k = White with a hint of blue
8000k = bluer than the 6500k

When light output/visibility is most important we advise the 4300k color temperature.
For a modern look and a good output/visibility, we advise a bulb in the 5000/5500 range.
And the customers searching for an icy white with a bit of blue color, the 6000/6500 is the best option.

The K rating of the xenon bulbs doesn't correlate with the light output, so a higher K rating won't give a higher light output, it only tells the color of the light.

Break-in period color temperature
Good to know about xenon bulbs is that they have a break-in period of around 8 to 10 hours, so the light/color temperature will change during the first hours used.

D4S HID xenon bulbs



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