HID xenon bulb and ballast kit

When you want to convert your halogen reflector headlight to HID xenon or only want to replace bulbs and ballasts in your projector headlights, we have these kits to help you out. These are no cheap budget HID xenon kits, but quality parts with 2-year warranty.

With the double AMP kit, you can convert from halogen H1 to xenon, h4 to xenon, h7 to xenon etc.

We also have a kit with 1 bulb and 1 ballast to use in single headlight motorcycles.

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Please know, although we offer these kits, we do not advise to use xenon in halogen reflector headlights, because they usually produce glare to oncoming traffic.

Also these products are not ECE-approved / doesn’t have an E-mark and must not be used on public roads in the EU. Within the EU only designated for use on circuit, own terrain, off-road, tuning/car shows.

HID xenon bulb and ballast kit



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