HID bi-xenon retrofit headlight projectors

The xenon projectors by Retrofitlab do what they promise. A sharp cutoff, great light output, nice bright hotspot, and easy installation. Today there are people who use a simpel plug and play xenon kit (without projectors) into their halogen headlight in an effort to improve night vision and the looks of their car. What people often don't realize is that their beam usually deteriorates because of the lack of proper xenon projectors. The result is that the light beam is deformed, causing glare for other road users. This is because the original headlights are designed for halogen lights and not for xenon. For that reason, xenon HID projectors from Retrofitlab are a must have and a huge improvement for the light output. Our advice is always: do not go on the road without xenon projectors!

If you purchase a xenon projector from Retrofitlab you do not only receive just to the projectors themselves, but also the following parts to install the projectors without hassle (depending on type):

  • 2x bi-xenon projectors (low and high beam from the projector)
  • 2x projector Shrouds
  • 2x H7 and/or H4 adapter plates
  • 2x Rubber washers
  • 2x Machined Lock rings

We provide 2 years warranty on every xenon HID projector. You also get free personal customer support from Retrofitlab and an installation video (depending on the type) to give you a step by step installation guide for your brand new xenon lights. Depending on your retrofit skills, it takes about half a day to install a xenon projector in your car.

The gain? Unprecedented light output, a very sharp cutoff, professional and high quality parts that last for years, relaxed driving (because you now can finally see everything), and a luxurious look of your car.

H type xenon/LED bulbs are not ECE-approved / don’t have an E-mark and must not be used on public roads in the EU. Within the EU only designated for use on circuit, own terrain, off-road, tuning / car shows.

HID bi-xenon projectors

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