Headlight HID xenon LED Retrofit components
Buy your accessories and retrofit components for xenon and LED lights at Retrofitlab.com.

We have a wide assortment of parts to complete your retrofit or only replace broken parts for example.  So when you are looking for projectors, installation materials like butyl, shrouds, wiring, anti-condensation products, tools, JB Weld you have found the right place.

Do you want to finish your retrofit with the BMW look created by Angel Eyes? We have several Angel Eyes in stock! We also have Shroud centering rings which are essential when mounting your projector (provided free with the purchase of any HID projector). If your housing cap doesn't fit anymore, is broken or missing? No problem with the rubber housing caps! Butyl rubber sealing is perfect for resealing your headlight.
Retrofit components

Retrofit components

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