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What is retrofitting?

Retrofitting refers to adding new technology or features to older systems. A real Bi-Xenon projector upgrade is now possible for your car. Such an upgrade will significantly increase the light output from 700-2100 lumens to 2800-3500 lumens, without dazzling other traffic with annoying stray light from your headlight. Upgrade your headlight in OEM style!

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Our goal is to offer the best lighting retrofit products for your car. We are constantly looking for and offering the latest and greatest products on the market.


We are based in the EU and target both car and motorcycle enthusiasts in the European market. We ship orders daily to customers on our continent and worldwide. We believe that reliability and service are the most important to run a successful business. If you're not sure how to get started, we'd love to help you get started! Send us an email or give us a call.


In 1962 Hella introduced the first automotive halogen lamp. In short, halogen bulbs are 'improved filament bulbs'. No normal gas is used, but intert gas, which means that the heat emission and light yield are much higher. For that reason, heat-resistant quartz glass is also used, so that the glass can withstand the high temperature. However, a lot has changed in the industry of bulbs in a short time and we live in an era where LED and xenon lights are becoming the standard.

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