Ford Mondeo MK4 (2007-2014) bi-xenon - Xenon HID headlights

Ford Mondeo MK4 (2007-2014) bi-xenon - Xenon HID headlights

This Ford Mondeo MK4 HID xenon headlight repair and upgrade kit is one of our best-selling kits. This kit contains everything you need to swap your old, blacked-out projectors for powerful new bi-xenon projectors. Using the exact same mounting points, it makes retrofitting quick and easy. And, most importantly, it will take your Mondeo to the next level – just check out the difference between the old en new pictures in the video! This is way beyond what the majority of OEM projectors can achieve.

The TL-R is an incredibly bright bi-xenon projector, enabling you to re-use your D1S  bulbs and OEM ballasts. So If you’re happy with the ballasts that you’ve already got, simply leave them in place. Also, the bi-xenon and leveling function keeps working.

Lastly, this kit provides every single part that you will need for retrofitting. In order to keep the price low, we have however assumed that you will keep your existing xenon bulbs. Depending on how old those are, you may want to also order a new set of bulbs to get the most out of your retrofitted system. Xenon bulbs do lose up to 70% of their maximum brightness over time.

This complete Ford Mondeo MK4 retrofit kit is inspected by our internal quality control and comes with a solid 2-year warranty. It also includes highly rated technical support from your lighting experts at

Should you have any questions prior to purchase, please refer to our FAQ page or start a chat below. You can also download our free brightpaper on automotive lighting. Nothing beats making an educated decision!

We look forward to brightening your day (not to mention your night)

This is an easy retrofit that even complete novices can do, but those with more skills and experience will be quicker. Discounting removal and replacement of the headlights, you could expect the job to take anything from less than one to two hours.

You do not even have to open the Ford Mondeo MK4 headlight. Simply remove the existing projector through the bulb access port at the rear and replace it with your upgraded projector. Done.

For detailed instructions, please refer to the installation video.
Some parts of the projector need to be removed to make it fit, we can do this for you (modification option).

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Professional retrofitting

This complete kit has been especially developed to enable retrofitting at home, saving you the cost of installation. However, should you prefer to have a professional carry out the retrofit, you can simply mail your headlights to the nearest participating workshop. They will then perform the retrofit and return the upgraded headlights to you, ready for use.

Please note that, for professional retrofits, you should order your Retrofitlab kit or parts directly from the workshop in question (it saves you money on shipping).

To find the nearest workshop, please refer to Professional retrofitting

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