Everything about retrofitting

Everything about retrofitting

Retrofitting is "changing or adding new systems to older ones". We apply this term when incorporating the newer xenon technology into existing, older headlights of cars and motorcycles. We also use the term when replacing the standard car interior lighting with LED interior lighting.

Halogen lamps have been around since 1992 and are simply 'improved incandescent lamps'. No normal gas is used, but intert gas, which means that the heat emission and light yield are much higher. For that reason, heat-resistant quartz glass is also used, so that the glass can withstand the high temperature. However, a lot has changed in the lamp industry in a short time and we live in an era where LED and xenon lights are becoming the standard.

There is much to be gained from the outdated halogen lamps. Here are the biggest wins:

More light output
Whiter, brighter light
Less energy consumption
Longer life span
Read extensively about the advantages of xenon compared to xenon. halogen on our blog Halogen vs. xenon light (english).

Retrofitting a headlight is easier than expected. Someone with a bit of DIY skills has it all done on a beautiful Saturday. Several things are needed to be able to provide a headlight with xenon lights. The following parts are needed:

xenon bulb

You can buy these parts all at once in the so-called Projector Kits. In simple terms, the idea is to remove an old headlight from the car, open it up and prepare it to be able to place the projector with the xenon bulb in it. This can be done by simple adjustments to the interior of the headlight. The wiring runs from the headlight to the ballast, a small electronic device that ensures that the xenon lamp can ignite properly and stays on at the correct strength. The shroud is a silver-colored plastic cover that goes over the projector to make it all look great.

Read more about each individual part of a retrofit on our blog. What is xenon light? What is a xenon light? What is a xenon projector and what do we need it for: (English) What is a xenon projector? What is a xenon ballast and what does this equipment do: What is a xenon ballast? What is a xenon projector shroud and what do I need it for: What is a xenon projector shroud?

H type xenon/LED lamps are not ECE approved / do not have an E-mark and may not be used on public roads in the EU. Within the EU only intended for use on, for example, circuit, own terrain, off-road, tuning / car shows.



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