This Tesla Model S pre-facelift kit contains everything you need to swap your old, blacked-out projectors for powerful new bi-xenon HID projectors. With the supplied mounting bracket and hardware, it makes retrofitting quick and easy. And, most importantly, it will take your Tesla Model S to the next level – just check out the test pictures! This is way beyond what the majority of OEM projectors can achieve.

The Optimus is an incredibly bright bi-xenon projector, enabling you to use D1S or D3S bulbs, including the most powerful options from Osram and Philips. Available bulb colour temperatures range from 4300K to 6500K. You will literally outshine the competition. The crystal-clear 3.0-inch lens throws a wide low beam with a bright hotspot and sharp cutoff. As for the high beam? It’s like the sun. And because only the projector is replaced, the leveling system keeps working as original..

Such a light output would not be possible without efficient ballasts. The Tesla Model S EU version uses 25 watt D8S ballasts, which are under-powered and we advise to change these first to 35 watt models with our Stage 1 Tesla upgrade kit.
Or you can add the D1S ballasts and D1S bulb options shown in this product to your order.

This complete Tesla Model S pre-facelift retrofit kit is inspected by our internal quality control and comes with a solid 2-year warranty. It also includes highly rated technical support from your lighting experts at

Should you have any questions prior to purchase, please refer to our FAQ page or start a chat below. You can also download our free brightpaper on automotive lighting. Nothing beats making an educated decision!

We look forward to brightening your day (not to mention your night)

This is not an easy retrofit. The headlight needs to be opened to replace the Visteon projector. Because of the permaseal sealing that is used, this is not a quick job. It is not the hardest permaseal to open, but do take into account it will take a few hours per headlight to open it up. You can pre-heat the headlight by using a cardboard oven and start opening the sealing in small lengths. Re-heat the part you are working on with a heat-gun because the headlight will cool down and enough heat is important to loosen up the permaseal. Please be careful and take your time, this is no job to rush.
Please see the 'video' tab for the installation video.

Professional retrofitting
Want to have the kit installed by a professional? Check out list of installers. Please note that, for professional retrofits, you should order your Retrofitlab kit or parts directly from the workshop in question (it saves you money on shipping).

This kit contains 2 new Aharon 3" bi-xenon projectors, including mounting brackets and hardware. And headlight butyl to reseal the headlight.

This kit is compatible with the Tesla Model S 2012-2016 model with the OEM D8S or D3S HID xenon headlights. It is also compatible when you have our Stage 1 upgrade kit with D1S bulbs.

These products are not ECE-approved and must not be used on public roads in any exterior application. Use on public roads will invalidate both the operating license and insurance coverage.

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