This Honda Varadero has permasealed headlights. H4 headlight, perfect for Mini H1 with mini gatling gun or mini AE shrouds.
John from Greece installed the Mini H1 twin kit on his bike with the Mini AE shrouds, painted everything black and this is the awesome result!  

Honda Varadero Xenon bike in shave Honda Varadero Xenon Mini H1 projectors in daylight Honda Varadero Xenon Mini H1 closeup Honda Varadero Xenon on bike Honda Varadero Xenon black headlights Honda Varadero Xenon projectors

Source: our Facebook page

Order the mini H1 twin kit down below:


  • Aharon slim AMP ballasts
  • Mini Gatlin Gun shrouds or Mini AE shrouds are perfect for this kit
  • H7 motor high beam splitters
  • XB35 4300K or 5500K bulbs for the best light output
  • T10 position lights to match the xenon color