Mini H1 Bi-xenon HID projector headlight upgrade kit to convert halogen to bi-xenon HID

Aharon Mini H1 Twin kit
Done with the poor light output from your halogen headlights? Or the signaling of incoming traffic due to the stray light of your plug and play xenon set? The Aharon Mini H1 twinkit is the solution!
With these projectors you can convert your halogen headlight into a full bi-xenon headlight, without stray light! For those who want to go for the smallest size and best performance this kit is developed. The Aharon Mini H1 Bi-xenon projectors are a good combination with the high quality Aharon ballasts. The Aharon Mini H1 projectors are ideal for H4 and H7 headlights, drilling/grinding is normally not necessary. It's a (near) Plug & play assembly with the included H4 / H7 adapter rings.
With this kit you are ready to start for both cars and engines with a double headlight. The difference with halogen is immense. And we even dare to say that this set is better than a lot of original xenon headlights.

In terms of installation, we have a written manual and various movies.
Installation manual, Mini H1 installation instructions: click here
All installation movies can be found on our Youtube channel;


We have chosen the Aharon 35W ballasts as a stable and reliable energy source. The slim version is smaller, the speedstart is characterized by a shorter start-up time.
For motorcycles we recommend the slim variant and for cars the speedstart canbus.

Our standard H1 xenon lamps are included for the highest possible light output!
4300k is white with a light yellow tint.
5000 / 5500k goes more to the pure white light.
6000k is white with a light blue tint.

Do you want more? Better quality and / or light output? Then choose the better XB35 versions, these are of an even higher quality than the regular H1 lamps.
The XB35 lamps in the 5500k color variant are in our opinion the best option in terms of light output and color temperature.
It is not optimal, but these projectors can also be used with H1 halogen lamps.

Choose the shrouds of your preference yourself, to give your retrofit the most stylish OEM look!

LED daytime running light
These are the small lights in the headlight that can be switched on, even if the ignition of the car is switched off or without a low beam. The original halogen lights are often light yellow in color and do not match the color of xenon in terms of color. To match this color for a perfect overall look, you can optionally choose an LED light in the same color. In addition, these LEDs are also canbus proof. For the XB35 lamps in 5500k we recommend the 6000k LED lights, color wise, these match the best.

Wiring harness
H7 low beam
The cables to connect the original H7 low beam connectors to the ballast are supplied for free with the bulbs.
If you have H7 low beam, you still need high beam splitters to connect the projectors bi-xenon function. With the high beam splitters, the connections must match the original high beam connection. So if you have H7 high beam, you need H7 splitters, if you have H1 high beam, then you need H1 high beam splitters. With the high beam splitters you will have high beam from the original high beam bulbs and the of the projector / xenon.

H4 low beam
For H4 we have various solutions such as the H4 stand alone canbus, H4 diode or H4 wiring harness (these are not included for free). With the H4 cables separate high beam splitters are not needed these are integrated in the H4 cable options.

When your headlight is originally sealed with permaseal, you have to remove it and the headlight can then be sealed again with so-called butyl. Our butyl is specially designed for resealing headlights, other variants such as sealants are difficult to open again when something goes wrong. Or some variants are too soft and therefore do not work well. Our Aharon butyl can be opened well later and is easy to work with.

Quote from a customer with the Mini H1 projectors on the Usatrucks forum that previously had a failed inspection because of plug & play xenon: So, yesterday had the MOT and the light image of the Xenon headlights with projectors is according to the judge perfect. He immediately adjusted both headlights further upwards, so they are now 100% well adjusted. He said: "everyone with Xenon should place projectors".

Which projector do you recommend for my vehicle? That is a question we often get, which is why we decided to make a database which contains all our vehicle specific knowledge. Follow this link to our database to check your vehicle.

Already have a plug & play xenon kit and want to upgrade to projectors? You can continue using your current ballasts. Select "no ballasts" and save money on this kit! Questions about our Mini H1 kit Twin kit? Contact us today!

These products are not ECE-approved and must not be used on public roads in any exterior application. Use on public roads will invalidate both the operating license and insurance coverage.

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Check the different product specifications which are included in this kit.

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