New Osram XN2 Night Breakers arrived!

At, we are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest lighting technologies to offer our customers. That's why we are excited to announce the newest generation of Xenon bulbs from Osram: the XN2 Xenon bulbs. These bulbs represent a significant leap forward compared to the previous generation, the XNN Xenon bulbs, with up to 27% more light output you will outshine all your competition.
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Impressive Improvement in Light Output

Recent tests have shown that the XN2 Xenon bulbs deliver an impressive improvement in light output. Our light meter gauged an increase in light output of a remarkable 27% than their predecessors, the XNN’s. This means that with the XN2 bulbs, you'll experience brighter and more powerful light, resulting in improved visibility and greater safety while driving, especially in poor weather conditions and at night, making them probably the best xenon bulbs available at the moment.

Comparison test between the XNN vs XN2

In this test we used D2S bulbs with an EVOX-R 2.0 Projector and our Aharon 35Watt AMP CANBUS Ballast.
The new XN2 are also available in D1S, D3S and D4S.
Both the XNN and the XN2 were gauged with the peak setting on our light meter. Below are the highest gauged numbers in Klux.
On the XNN we gauged 7.5 Klux
On the XN2 we gauged 9.5 Klux



Advanced Technology for Optimal Performance

The increase in light output of the XN2 is due to the advanced technologies incorporated into them. These new bulbs utilize enhanced gas discharge and beam technology, resulting in more efficient energy use and a longer lifespan. This means more light without additional energy consumption, which is better for both your performance and the environment. With Osram quality is guaranteed and with the new XN2 you will have one of the best HID bulbs available at the moment.

Introducing Eco-Friendly packaging for Osram's new XN2 Xenon bulbs

The new Osram XN2 Xenon bulbs come in an environmently friendly cardboard packaging, a significant improvement over the previous plastic hard cases used for the XNN Xenon bulbs. 

A step toward sustainability. 

The shift from plastic hard cases to cardboard packaging for the XN2 Xenon bulbs reflects Osram's commitment to reducing environmental impact. This change is designed to minimize waste and promote recycling, as cardboard is much easier to recycle and has a lower environmental footprint compared to plastic. Quality is still guaranteed as the new package still come with a authenticity seal.

Benefits of the XN2 Xenon Bulbs

  • Brighter Light: 26.67% more light output for better visibility.
  • Longer Lifespan: Advanced technologies ensure more durable performance.
  • Energy Efficiency: More light without extra energy consumption.
  • Reliability: Osram's proven quality and reliability in every bulb.


At, we only offer the best products. With Osram's new XN2, you are guaranteed top-quality lighting technology. Our customer service team is ready to assist you with any questions and guide you through upgrading your vehicle's lighting.

Upgrade to the XN2 Xenon bulbs today and experience the difference in quality, brightness, and safety for yourself. The XN2 are available in D1S, D2S, D3S and D4S.Visit the link below for more information or to purchase your new bulbs. Light your way with the latest technology from Osram, available at!


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