Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between XB35 and regular bulbs?

The XB35 bulbs are high quality bulbs with a very high light output. Because they are produced with high quality materials, they have an 25-35% brightness increase over our regular bulbs. Based on value for money, these bulbs are by far the best buy.


The K after the number stands for Kelvin. In the picture below you can see the difference between all the bulbs. How higher the number before the K how bluer the light will be. How lower the number before the K the more yellow the light will be. Pure white is 5000K, this is the standard look of xenon. For example in new Audi LED headlights the color temperature will be usually around the 6000K, white with a nice blue tint. 

Foto invoegen van de kleurtempraturen

Yes, high beam will still work after a projector retrofit. All our projectors are bi-xenon or bi-led, that means, they can give both low (dipped) and high beam. The projector has a flap that can be folded down by means of an electronic magnet circuit. This will enable high beam to be activated. If in the original situation in the headlight there is a separate halogen light, then it will remain working as well with the use of high beam splitters. The headlight then has double high beams, xenon + halogen. On cars with bi-xenon from factory, it works the same. It is also necessary to maintain the separate halogen high beam so that it can still be used to flash the high beam when the dipped beam is not turned on.

Yes, it will keep working because almost always the complete reflector part is adjusted. And because the projector is mounted on the reflector, it moves with it.



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