This Yamaha Raptor retrofit kit contains everything you need to convert your halogen setup into powerful bi-xenon HID projector headlights. Featuring custom-made mounting brackets, wiring and some good looking shrouds, it makes retrofitting quick and easy. Everything fits inside your existing headlight and the levelling system will work as usual.

When you are looking for better light and/or custom headlights for your Raptor, this light upgrade kit is the one you are looking for!

Both headlights will be engaged on both low and high beam – no more black-eyed look. The light pattern is sharply defined, too, so you won’t blind oncoming traffic. And, of course, most importantly: this kit will take your Raptor to the next level in looks and light output.

Because of the sleek design of the original headlights, the Aharon Matchbox 2" projectors are used in this kit. So this kit uses the best small projectors available.
The projector has the bi-xenon mechanism, so it is also produces high beam just like with OEM bi-xenon projectors found in cars. The cut-off is very sharp because of the design of the projector and shield and the crystal clear lens.

Such a light output would not be possible without efficient ballasts, and the included Aharon digital ballast has – as opposed to many other aftermarket units – been tested to generate a full 35W. The Aharon comes in a rugged and extremely compact housing perfect for retrofitting, and its in-wire starter warms xenon bulbs in as little as five seconds. . A high beam splitter is also included. The power supply is strong, steady and reliable. Please be aware because of a different kind of wiring used in the Raptor, installation is a bit different. Please see the info under 'additional'.

Lastly, this kit provides every single part that you will need for retrofitting – including our handpicked durable OEM-style shrouds. Please note, though, that in order to keep the price down, we have only included a decent xenon bulb in the basic kit. For absolute top performance, we recommend that you upgrade to the premium Aharon XB-35 5500K bulb. This powerful bulb represents excellent value for money, featuring an extremely high light output in a modern white colour.

You may also wish to add a delay relay, which reduces the load on the sensitive electronic circuit by delaying headlight activation until 10 seconds ignition key turn, as well as breathing vents, which prevent moisture build-up inside the headlight.

To make the look complete you can add Angel-eye's/halo's which give a white round light around the projector (needs to be mounted to the shroud with fishing line for example).
Another great extra for the looks is a Demon/Devil eye. This is a colored LED that can be used to light the lens/projector bowl (DIY mounting required).

This complete Yamaha Raptor retrofit kit is inspected by our internal quality control prior to shipping and comes with a solid 2-year warranty. It also includes highly-rated technical support from your lighting experts at

Should you have any questions prior to purchase, please check out our FAQ page or refer to the chat box below.

We look forward to brightening your day (not to mention your night)!

This is a fairly straightforward retrofit that even complete novices can do, but those with more skills and experience will be quicker. Discounting removal and replacement of the headlights, you could expect the job to take anything from one to three hours.

Because the wiring of the Raptor is different than cars/motorcycles the high beam function won't work plug and play. With the Raptor, the low-beam signal is not active when the high-beam is activated. But with the bi-xenon projectors, the low-beam signal needs to also be active in high beam mode. Unfortunately, we can't offer a plug-and-play solution for this. Our advice is to connect everything so the low-beam is working. And add a wire with a switch, to supply a switched + signal to activate the high beam.

Keep in mind that some minor adjustments must be made to both the projectors and the shrouds.
The holes in the shrouds and of the projectors need to be drilled out a little bit to use the included hardware.

Simply open the Yamaha Raptor headlights (they’re sealed with butyl, so that’s a quick job), mount the projectors and shrouds, and reseal. Done.

Want to have the kit installed by a professional? Check out list of installers

As far as we know a the moment this kit fits all models of the raptor.

Professional retrofitting

This complete kit has been especially developed to enable retrofitting at home, saving you the cost of installation. However, should you prefer to have a professional carry out the retrofit, you can simply mail your headlights to the nearest participating workshop. They will then perform the retrofit and return the upgraded headlights to you, ready for use.

Please note that, for professional retrofits, you should order your Retrofitlab kit or parts directly from the workshop in question (it saves you money on shipping).

To find the nearest workshop, please refer to Professional retrofitting

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