Do you want to retrofit the smallest parts of your car? If you do, these BA15S / P21W canbus led turn signal lights are essential! The led turn signal light substitutes complete your retrofit. The bulb is silver colored, contrary to the traditional orange coated bulbs. Perfect for a stylish finish.

This light is provided with 5 high power Cree leds. The light output is a lot higher than the original halogen bulbs. These led lights do not require any time to heat up, like original light bulbs. A led light switches off and on immediately, whilst an original light bulb needs some time to heat up or cool down once switched either on or off. This improves safety and creates a modern look.
These led lights are obviously prepared for canbus systems. That means that in most cases, they won’t cause error displays on your on-board computer and won’t change the blinking speed. 

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  • 2 Brand new BA15S (25W) canbus led bulbs
  • 2 Years warranty

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2 year warranty

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