Permaseal tools are a special tool to make life easier when opening permaseal headlights. Permaseal is a type of sealant that does not become as soft as butyl when heated. In permaseal there are also different gradations. Some lamps open fairly easily, other headlights cost a considerable amount of time to open, even with these tools. Nevertheless, these tools make the work easier

Compared with our other tools, the Pro grade set is especially much more user-friendly.

  • The tools are sharper so you can get through the permaseal even more easily
  • The tools have a more user-friendly handle design, making it easier to work with
  • The design and materials used provide robust tools that are easy to handle and 'indestructible'

It is a set of 4 tools, for each headlight side, left / right, there are 2 tools.

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delivery is generally within 2-10 days,
depending on your location.

14 days returns

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2 year warranty

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