Retrofitting a perma-sealed headlight can be a real pain, but fortunately we have the tools to make it easier and perform a professional grade job.
After you have opened up the headlight using the special opening tools, you need to remove the old permaseal from the sealant channel, these tools are specifically designed for cleaning out the channels.
The old sealant needs to be removed completely to make room in the channel for the headlight butyl and the front lens. When the channel is clean, the correct amount of butyl can be added and the lens can be pushed in to get a good seal.

Why we use these tools ourselves? Because the tools really help in getting what you need, a smooth and clean channel as fast as possible.

  • Sharp blades to remove the permaseal with ease and leave a smooth finish
  • Good grip so you can use a bit of force
  • The blade is shaped in the shape of the channel and because of 3 sharp edges, you can clean out multiple sides of the channel at once for an efficient job
  • Thick steel is used to ensure a sturdy tool to work with. You won’t have to worry about the strength of the tools and they will last a lifetime, so you can retrofit an almost unlimited number of permaseal headlights with them

Tools which help in opening the permasealed headlights; Permaseal tools
Pro grade headlight butyl to reseal the headlight; Headlight butyl

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