Rough and tough, that's what the Gatling Gun shrouds are. The design is inspired by a machine gun from the 1860's. It has blocks around and a unique rougher surface then most other shrouds.

The design contains light vents which allow light from an open design projectors like the Mini H1 and Mini D2S to glow through. Want more light to shine from the vents, even with the projector turned off? Try our 100mm Led or CCFL angel eyes!

They mount on the projector with flexible plates for a friction fit. We recommend to use some glue to make sure everything stays tight on the projector when you hit a bumpy road. For mounting on bigger 3.0 inch Bi-xenon lens projectors the flexible plates have to be removed.

Gatling Gun belongs to the range of bigger shrouds we sell. They cover the projector nicely and at the same time they are looking good!
  • 2 Brand new Gatling Gun shrouds
  • 2 Year warranty
  • Free personal customer support from RFL.

Projectors Mini H1, Mini D2S (with modification)
Projectors (with trimming) FX-R 1.1, FX-R 3.0


Diameter 120mm
Depth 60mm
Lens compatibility 2.5 and 3.0 inch
Recommended CCFL or Led ring diameter 100mm (inside mounting)

Delivery info

Shipped from our warehouse in the Netherlands
delivery is generally within 2-10 days,
depending on your location.

14 days returns

Not the right fit? No worries!

2 year warranty

Quality comes first and our products are designed to last.



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