How to - mount centric ring into E46-R shroud

These shrouds are very accurate replica’s of the OEM BMW E46 xenon projector headlight. Being one of the first retrofit shrouds available, these shrouds are already classics in the retrofit world.

The E46-R fits perfectly in the low beam reflector of the halogen E46 headlight, making it very easy to retrofit these headlights with the OEM look.

With a small adjustment to the shroud centric rings, these shrouds can fit perfectly on the 2,5 inch and 3 inch projectors. Having one flat side, the shrouds fit in a wide variety with headlights. If they need to be trimmed it can easily be done with a dremel tool.

The shrouds can be mounted with the included shroud centric rings. The rings need some modification before it fits properly in the shroud.

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  • 2 Brand new E46-R shrouds
  • 2 Shroud centric rings
  • 2 Year warranty
  • Free personal customer support from RFL.

Projectors Mini H1, Mini D2S


Height 108mm
Width 135mm
Depth 37mm
Lens compatibility 2.5 and 3.0 inch
Recommended CCFL or Led ring diameter 80mm & 90mm (front face mounting)

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