Want to close your headlight with a new sealing? Removed permaseal from your headlight? This is the butyl you need!

With the softer types of headlight kit, it's usually not necessary to remove the old and apply new headlight sealant. Normally there's more then enough sealing inside the channel of the headlight to close up properly again after baking the headlight open. In some cases it is necessary, for example with headlights that use a permanent kit (permaseal) which doesn't get soft when heated. This material is perfect for the job.

Applying this sealant is easy. Apply the strip in the channel of the headlight housing. At room temperature it's soft and can be stretched easily to reach the thickness you need. Push lens back on to the housing, and heat the headlight again in an oven to soften the kit. Squeeze the lens on the housing and make sure that any excisting clips are snapped back into place. Watch our video for applying instructions.

That's more than enough to seal 2 headlights back up against moisture.

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You receive one package butyl sealing.
That's more than enough to seal 2 headlights back up against moisture.
Applicable on all headlights.
Mainly needed for headlights with permaseal.

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