Tremendous light output and unique look
To upgrade your Aprilia RSV Mille (98-03) in terms of light output and to make it look even better than original, we have developed a very high-quality Aprilia RSV Mille bi-LED headlight kit. Yes, that’s correct this kit uses a hyper modern Bi-LED projector! This kit improves the looks, light output and safety. Which is always a big advantage on a motorcycle.

From halogen to Bi-LED Our custom Aprilia RSV Mille upgrade kit contains everything you need to upgrade your halogen headlight to a powerful bi-LED projector headlight. This is done by opening the headlight -which sounds more difficult than it is- and installing our kit. You have to do some 'Do It Yourself' but with the custom made bracket the included wiring, hardware etc. it is made as easy as possible. The 2,5" Bi-LED Aharon projector provides both low- and high beam light. So the high beam function is still available. And the light pattern is also perfect, so you don’t blind oncoming traffic with stray light. The kit definitely takes your RSV Mille to a higher level!

This kit uses 2 special additional LED lights in the top side of the headlight. The HPL 10 option can be used as DRL (daytime light). The HPL 25 is more powerful and can be used as an additional high beam.


  • Guaranteed higher light output
  • Increased safety
  • Unique custom look
  • Installation easier due to custom mounting bracket
  • Can be rebuilt back to original

Projector The Aharon Bi-Led projector with integrated LEDs has, in contrast to the use of separate LED bulbs, has a perfect light image and high light output. The wire harness is connected with connectors to the original wiring, the projector to control the built-in LEDs and the bi-LED / high beam function and the battery. This means you don't have to cut / solder in your original wiring. The lighting is therefore extremely strong, stable and reliable.

LED daytime running light LED daytime running light / position light that matches the color of the LED instead of the 'yellow' halogen version completes the look. We recommend ordering the 6000k version LED.

Additional premium options To upgrade your kit even further, we have a time delay relay which ensures that the LED does not immediately start with the engine. But the lighting is switched on 10 seconds later. This reduces the load on the sensitive electronic system during start-up. And also for a longer lifespan, because the lighting does not always switch on, off and on again. The relay replaces the relay on the supplied wiring harness, it is only a matter of removing the already installed relay and placing the time delay relay. We have made the delay relay in the kit considerably cheaper than when you buy the relay separately.
To prevent moisture in the headlight, we also have special breathing vents, which ensure that moisture can get out, but not in it. These are mounted in the housing by drilling a hole.

This complete Aprilia RSV Mille retrofit kit is inspected prior to shipment by our internal quality control. To emphasize confidence in our high quality Aharon products, we provide a generous 2 year full warranty on all products. You can also use the highly valued technical support of the light experts at If you have any questions, do not hesitate and feel free to contact us via chat or e-mail.

So don’t hesitate and invest in the looks and safety of your RSV Mille with this bi-LED upgrade kit, you will certainly not regret it!

This is an advanced retrofit, but it does not require any special skills or experience. Novice retrofitters will simply need more time to finish. Discounting removal and replacement of the headlights, you could expect the job to take anything from three to seven hours.

Installation requires for the Aprilia RSV Mille headlights to be opened, which is somewhat challenging due to the type of permanent sealing used. You might have to do multiple runs of heating and prying. On the other hand, once the headlights are open, installation of the new projectors, bulbs and ballasts is very straightforward.

Installation Manual for the High Power LED's (HPL 10)

Installation Manual for the High Power LED's (HPL 25)

Want to have the kit installed by a professional? Check out list of installers

These products are not ECE-approved and must not be used on public roads in any exterior application. Use on public roads will invalidate both the operating license and insurance coverage.

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