Apollo 3.0 is the third shroud, inspired by Porsche, in the Apollo series. The beautiful chromium finish suits vehicles with round reflectors perfectly. Whether you drive a car, a motorcycle or a truck, an Apollo 3.0 shroud always is a good choice.

The Apollo 3.0 shroud is relatively big. It is an excellent choice to place a 100mm led ring behind the shroud. This creates a halo effect, also known as “angel eyes”. Whilst the Apollo 3.0 exactly covers the projector, it might be necessary to adjust the outer edges to the shape of the reflector. Similar to all our other shrouds, this can easily be done with a Dremel tool. It is possible to spray paint the shroud, too.

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Projectors Mini H1, Mini D2S
Projectors (needs trimming) FX-R 1.1, FX-R 3.0


Height 127mm
Width 127mm
Depth 57mm
Lens compatibility 2.5 en 3.0 inch
Recommended CCFL or Led ring diameter 100mm (inside mounting)

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