We are proud to present the FX-R 3.0. This projector came out in 2012, making him the newest generation FX-R projector.

Compared to the previous generations, he slightly decreased in height. He is built for the retrofit job with his solid mounting points.

The light output is outstanding, leaving behind the majority of OEM projectors. A sharp, wide and intense beam is what the FX-R 3.0 characterizes. The 2.5 inch crystal clear lenses produce a very sharp and colorfull cutoff with a DOT step.

Most of our medium and larger sized shrouds fit this projector. The shroud centric ring is not a snap-on fit on this projector. The lens holder is a bit smaller in diameter than our other projectors, so the shroud mounting needs some DIY on this projector.

For those who are looking for nothing then the best in light output, this is the projector of your choice!

Make/model Year Bosch E46 Info


2008+ Mito FX-R
5 serie E39 2001-2002 E39 FX-R 3.0
Bora 1999-2005 FX-R 3.0

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