This very fast sport bike with more HP than a lot of cars doesn't lack coolness. But it's headlight can be improved with the Aharon Yamaha YZF R1 bi-xenon headlight kit for more light output and a custom look. For this headlight there are 2 options. One is to use a Mini H1 retrofit kit. The other is to use our custom designed kit with a bracket. The advantage of using the bracket is that you can have a blacked out look for example, without sacrificing your original reflectors and with the larger shrouds it really creates a custom look. When you want to keep an all-chrome look or don't have problems with spraying everything black for a blacked out look, the Aharon mini H1 Twin Kit is the way to go. Both options will be discussed below. Some of the advantages of using a Aharon kit; √ - Improved light output √ - Improved safety √ - Proven quality √ - Easy and effective √ - Installation video √ - 2 year warranty √ - After sale support

Yamaha YZF R1 bi-xenon headlight kit Light output

The Yamaha R1 often uses 1 side for low beam and 1 side for high beam. With the kit, you will have both low and high beam from both sides/headlights. Both kits use 2x the Aharon Mini H1 bi-xenon projector so light output is the same. Below you can see how much of an improvement the Yamaha YZF R1 bi-xenon headlight kit brings!


After Yamaha YZF R1 bi-xenon headlight kit after

Threaded shaft Aharon Mini H1 twinkit

The Aharon Mini H1 can be mounted/retrofitted directly to the R1 reflectors. When you want to keep the chrome look, this is the best kit. For the threaded shaft method we have used the Aharon Mini H1 twinkit with the following options; Ballasts = AMP slim ballasts Bulbs = XB35 5500K bulbs Shrouds = Mini Gatling gun Led parking lights (city lights) = 6000k Wire Harness = H4 motorcycle wire harness double




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Installation movie

Please be aware we used one headlight to show both options. So in this movie you will see the result wit the bracket kit (left side) and the projector directly mounted to the reflector (right side).

Retroquick kit with mounting bracket

For the Yamaha R1 we have also developed a custom kit with a bracket. When you don't want to modify your original reflectors and are really after a custom look with nice large shrouds, this is the best kit for you. The kit contains everything you need, including brackets, shrouds, wire harness etc.etc.