There are two types of headlights for the VW Transporter T5.2. For the halogen H4 headlight, the optimus tr twin kit with a large shroud is the best choice. For the H7 headlights the Mini H1 twin kit is the best choice. As you can read in our headlight database, this headlight is sealed with butyl. Pretty easy to open :) The VW Transporter has a canbus system, so canbus ballasts are recommend for this the H4 headlight you will need the H4 stand alone canbus wire to connect it all canbus proof. In the H7 headlight, you'll need the H1 high beam splitter. plug these in between the current high beam connector and the H1 high beam bulb, and tap the 12V directly to the projector. 

OPTIMUS TR KIT - Aharon speedstart D2S canbus ballasts - Gatlin Gun shrouds - D2S XB5500K bulbs for the best light output - H4 canbus stand alone


Mini H1 twin kit - Aharon speedstart AMP canbus ballast - Gatlun Gun shrouds - XB35 H1 4300 or 5500K bulbs for the best light output - H1 high beam splitters

Retrofit from a UK customer, the optimus tr projectors with Gatling gun and XB led ring behind it.

Volkswagen Transporter T5.2 Xenon close up Volkswagen Transporter T5.2 Xenon Mini H1 mounted on car Volkswagen Transporter T5.2 Xenon Mini D2S 3.0 projector

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