Volvo V40/S40

The V40/S40 1999-2004 type has a butyl sealant headlight, which makes it pretty easy to open the headlights. Just heat the headlight in a carton box with a heat gun, or in a pre heated oven. When the sealant is soft enough, you can pull off the glass pretty easy! This car has H7 halogen headlights which can be retrofitted pretty easy with our Mini H1 primo / Mini H1 Ultimo. As you can see on the pictures, the mini H1 bi-xenon projectors with a smaller shroud like the Mini Gatlin gun will fit perfectly in the reflector headlight. Just open the headlight, and screw this projector (plug and play) into the H7 socket of your low beam. Connect the high beam splitter on the back with the H7 splitters, which come with the twin kit, you can order in our shop and you have halogen high beam AND xenon high beam! If you like angel eyes on the projector you can also choose the Mini AE shrouds and buy separately the SMD Angel eyes for on top of the shroud. 

Volvo V40 Xenon retrofit almost done Volvo V40 Xenon headlight retrofitted Volvo V40 Xenon before Volvo V40 Xenon after Volvo V40 Xenon headlight Volvo V40 Xenon headlight frame Volvo V40 Xenon lensunit Volvo V40 Xenon reflector Volvo V40 Xenon shroud Volvo V40 Bi-Xenon ballast 

Order this kit:

Mini H1 twin kit:

  • Aharon speedstart AMP canbus ballasts
  • Mini Gatlin Gun shrouds
  • H1 xenon bulbs
  • LED position lights in complementary color temperature
  • H7 high beam splitters