The Toyota Prius second generation from Ed, retrofitted with Mini D2S Bi-xenon projectors with E55-R shouds.
Toyota Prius Xenon headlight heatgun openToyota Prius Xenon high beamsToyota Prius Xenon mounted back on carToyota Prius Xenon output measureToyota Prius Xenon projector fitted in headlightsToyota Prius Xenon projectors with E55-R shroudsToyota Prius Xenon retrofit failToyota Prius Xenon sharp cutoffToyota Prius Xenon E55-RToyota Prius Xenon Finished installationToyota Prius Xenon first installing headlights before bumper install
D2S 3.0 bi-xenon twin kit - Speedstart ballasts D2S Canbus - E55-R shrouds - XB35 5500K bulbs - T10 position lights to match the xenon color - H4 standalone canbus