Renault Laguna

The Laguna build from 1998 till 2000 has a butyl headlight, perfect for separate the glass from the housing by heating. The original H7 halogen reflector of this car is perfect for a retrofit with our Mini H1 bi-xenon projectors. You can connect the bi-xenon wire of these projectors to the 12v circuit from your high beam and you've got projector high beam and also halogen high beam (if connected with our splitters, plug and play). The LED high beam in these photo's are not available yet, but we've other LED bulbs for high beam in our shop soon! Ask for more information.


Mini H1 twin kit: - Aharon speedstart Canbus AMP - Ocular 2.0 shrouds - XB35 4300K or 5500K to get the best light output - Of course match your city lights with your xenon low beam and add these in the color you select above - H7 high beam splitter car Renault Laguna Xenon bulbs Renault Laguna Xenon HID Renault Laguna Xenon projector (2) Renault Laguna Xenon projector Source: PerformanceAuto on Facebook