Peugeot 307

This car with his standard H7 halogen reflector headlights is a perfect headlight to retrofit with the Mini H1 bi-xenon projectors. With a bigger shroud as seen on this pictures like the Gatlin Gun, you will need some adjustments. A smaller shroud, like the Mini AE or Mini Gatlin Gun shroud will fit directly without any adjustments.

Peugeot 307 Bi-Xenon black painted Peugeot 307 Bi-Xenon projector Peugeot 307 Bi-Xenon retrofit Peugeot 307 Mini H1

Source: Dsanchez on 307 Forum



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Mini H1 twin kit - Aharon speedstart AMP Canbus ballast - Gatlin gun shrouds - XB35 4300K or Xb35 5500K bulbs for the best light output - H1 of H7 high beam splitter. (two versions available. check the high beam socket of the current bulb) - Select the color temperature of your xenons, to match up with this LED position lights! No more ugly halogen light what's always turned on in the headlight..