The headlights of the peugeot are sealed with permaseal what makes separating the glass of the housing a little hard (compared with butyl sealed headlights). Once the headlight is opened there's a lot of space inside the reflector to mount the Mini Gatlin gun or the Mini AE shroud. The Mini AE shroud is sold often with our SMD Angel Eyes (80mm) The Angel eyes can be connected on the current position lights since these were often invisible after the retrofit. In this Peugeot 107 H4 halogen headlight is used: Mini H1 twin kit – Speedstart Aharon AMP Canbus ballast – Mini Gatlin Gun or Mini AE (for angel eyes) shrouds – XB35 5500K for the best light output of this moment – Position lights 5000K or 6000K to match with the xenon lights – Wireharness H4 canbus stand alone Don't forget to buy the Butyl sealant, since the permaseal must be removed completely!

Peugeot 107 Mini H1 kit with mini ae shroudSource: Remco Jaspers on Facebook Peugeot 107




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