Nissan Pixo 2009 + model.
Large H4 reflector headlight, perfect for the Mini H1 projectors. Michel choose the Mini H1 twin kit.
Michel decided to retrofit the headlights of his 2011 Nissan Pixo with the mini H1 projectors. He's very happy with the result. He says the looks of the headlight are great in the dark, there's no glare at all and they produce a huge amount of light.
 Nissan Pixo open Xenon projector Nissan Pixo Xenon bulb Nissan Pixo Xenon chrome reflector Nissan Pixo Xenon in nights Nissan Pixo Xenon output cutoff Nissan Pixo Xenon retrofit car front view
Order the Mini H1 twin kit:
  • Aharon Speedstart AMP Canbus ballasts
  • Mini Gatlin Gun shrouds for example (or a medium sized one)
  • XB35 4300K or 5500K bulbs
  • H7 high beam splitter to connect the bi-xenon function
  • T10 position lights to match up the xenon color