Mercedes xenon headlights repair information

Bad light output from your Mercedes xenon headlights?

Big chance you are reading this because the light output from your Mercedes xenon headlights is very poor. Therefore driving in the dark isn’t any fun anymore. And as a result safety is at risk for you, your passengers and other traffic. Your car can even fail inspections for instance. But don’t worry, let us help you by explaining what’s the cause and of course the solution. In this blogpost we will explain how you can repair your Mercedes xenon headlights.

The cause…new bulbs?

The reason for the bad light output is not, like often is thought the bulbs. Xenon bulbs will lose some strength, but the real reason can be found on the inside of the projector that projects the light to the street. The projector has a so called ‘reflector bowl’. This bowl is used to reflect the light of the bulb and in combination with the lens it determines the light output and pattern. Because of UV radiation, heat and sometimes a poor design the reflective layer inside the bowl gets 'burned'. The reflective layer won’t reflect anymore and as a result the light output will become very poor.

New headlights? Not a good idea

You can go to the ‘stealership’ and buy some very expen$$ive original Mercedes xenon headlights. You will get a -decent- light output back for it. But hold on, isn’t it a waste of money to buy 2 complete headlights, when only the projectors need to be replaced? Yes it is!

The best solution

And that’s why we have the best solution, you can repair your headlight by replacing the original worn-out projectors. - The Aharon replacement projectors offer an (almost) plug and play installation. - Because of years of development and the latest xenon technology the projectors will also perform better than new original headlights. - Replacing only the projector is very cost effective. - Because the projectors are bi-xenon, the high beam function is also available. With the Aharon bi-xenon projectors you will have a bargain and better light output in comparison with new headlights.

Installation is usually a breeze

We hear you thinking; the installation that must be hard!? Well, usually it isn’t! A lot of Mercedes xenon headlights are designed so the xenon projector can be replaced from the rear of the headlight. So when you can handle a screwdriver and look up some info on the internet on how to remove the headlight, you are certainly good to go.


For AFS headlights replacing the projectors is a bit harder. This system turns the projector to the left/right depending on the steering position. These systems can be mounted to the Aharon projectors. The EvoX-r is the best option because it has the correct mounting points. The EvoX-r 2.0 can also be used, but the holes to mount the AFS system need to be drilled for example. When the headlights have the AFS option, it usually also means the headlight needs to be opened and the projector can’t be replaced from the rear. In case of AFS, the D2S extension cables are not needed. On some occasions, it is needed that the AFS system is re-calibrated by the Mercedes dealership.

D2S extension cables

The Aharon exclusive D2S extension cables can be used for carefree mounting when originally the Hella D2S igniters are used on the E55 projector. They are not needed when the headlights use D1S bulbs, has AL 46-r projectors or has AFS.

Hella igniter

Installation Video’s

We have some Mercedes xenon projector installation video’s to show you how it is done;


Please review the table at the bottom to see if/which Aharon projector is suitable for your Mercedes. The information in this table should be correct, but unfortunately, we can’t always guarantee fitment for 100%.

Projector details

Aharon EvoX-r; this bi-xenon projector replaces the Hella E55 projector and can only hold D2S bulbs. This projector is the best option for D2S AFS headlights. Aharon EvoX-r 2.0; this xenon projector replaces the Hella E55 projector and can hold D1S and D2S bulbs. It has a very high output. Mounting points for the AFS system are not available on this projector, but with some DIY it can be made to fit. Best used in D1S/D2S headlights without AFS. Aharon E46-r; this xenon projector replaces the AL/Bosch E46-r projector. It is available in a version that can hold D1S or D2S, so it is important to check which version your Mercedes has to order the correct replacement version.
Class Model Production Replacement Extra information
A-class W169 2004-2012 Aharon E46-r
W176 2013-2018 Aharon EvoX-r 2.0 D1S Projector, can be replaced directly through the rear opening.
B-class W245 2005-2011 Aharon E46-r
W246 2011-2018 Aharon E46-r
C-class W203 2000-2007 Aharon E46-r Bi-xenon headlights, headlight frame needs a little modification, a few millimeters of material need to be removed.
W204 2007-2014 Aharon E46-r
CL C/W215 1999-2006 Aharon E46-r
C/W216 2006-2014 Aharon E46-r
CLK W209/A209/C209 2002-2009 Aharon EvoX-r 2.0
CLS W219/C219 Aharon EvoX-r / Aharon EvoX-r 2.0
E-class W211 2003-2009 Aharon EvoX-r / Aharon EvoX-r 2.0
W211 Facelift 2007-2009 Aharon EvoX-r / Aharon EvoX-r 2.0 The facelift model is delivered with regular bi-xenon headlights for which the EvoX-r is the correct replacement. Some models have an adaptive xenon headlight option. For this projector there isn’t a replacement.
W212 2009-2016 Aharon EvoX-r 2.0
C207/A207 2009-2012 Aharon EvoX-r 2.0
G-class 463 2008-2017 Aharon EvoX-r 2.0 D1S
M-class ML-class W163 Facelift 2001-2005 Aharon EvoX-r / Aharon EvoX-r 2.0
W164 2005-2011 Aharon EvoX-r / Aharon EvoX-r 2.0 Easy to replace without opening headlight. With AFS cornering function it needs to be opened.
R-class W251 2005-2011 Aharon EvoX-r / Aharon EvoX-r 2.0
S-class W220 2003-2006 Aharon E46-r Headlight needs to be opened to replace projector. Sealed with butyl so quite easy to open.
W221 2006-2013 Aharon E46-r
SL-class R230 2002-2008 D2S Aharon E46-r Bi-xenon headlights, plug & play replacement.
R230 facelift 2008-2011 D1S Aharon E46-r
SLR 2003-2009 Aharon E46-r