We've tested our different color temperatures for led bulbs and made a comparing video. For the results watch the video below or on Youtube. We compared 5 different bulbs:
  1. Halogen T10 bulb
  2. T10 3000K warm white bulb
  3. T10 4300K OEM white color
  4. T10 6000K bluish tint
  5. T10 8000K white/blue light color
Almost all other aftermarket bulb sellers have one option and that's white. The white bulbs they sell, are in most cases 6000K or higher. This is actually not pure white light, but already with a blue tint. This is a problem for people who want the OEM look, and did a retrofit with 4300K Bi-xenon projectors for example.
Here's a picture of a customer who bought our Mini D2S Bi-xenon projector and retrofitted him on his Yamaha FZ6N. He bought a "white" led from a local shop, and here's the result. The position light is somewhere around 8000K, looking more blue than white. It's obvious that it's not a match with the 4300K D2S bulb.
That's exactly why we offer our led bulbs in different color temperatures, so you can match the color temperature of your low beam and position light exactly!
The higher Kelvin ratings also look very "aftermarket". Car manufacturers use 4300K in different led applications, like interior lighting or license plate lighting. So for the OEM look and also most lumens, choose 4300K. Available in 3000K, 4300K or 6000K.