Honda CBR 929RR

Hey! I've been a long time lurker of HID retrofits and ever since I bought my bike (1.5 yrs ago) I've wanted to mod the lights. I read every retrofit I could find before getting rolling on mine ... if you have any questions about wiring or fitment etc .... please feel free to ask!! My overall plan is to do all the lighting including the tail (LED array) but right now I'm going to start on the front and go from there! For the people wanting to see pictures... you're in luck! I love taking pics of what I'm working on!! Here she is!
Honda CBR 929RR Xenon step 0.2 Honda CBR 929RR Xenon step 0.3

I landed on doing 3 Mini H1's with gatlin gun shrouds, 2 amber LED rings (integrated with signal lights), and 1 white LED ring for the center. I am going to Paint the Reflector flat black and the shrouds flat white (with VHT paint of course!!) to follow the theme of the bike: black/white with red accents and no chrome.

Step #1: tear down the front.

Honda CBR 929RR Xenon step 1.1
Step #2: open up the light. I went heat gun method since ..... well ..... I got caught by my girlfriend trying to put a headlight in the oven hahahaha. It worked great .... very very easy, just start heating .... putty knife .... keep the heat moving ... shove a spacer in when you get a gap going and the whole thing came off in about 10 or 15 min!

Honda CBR 929RR Xenon step 2.1 Honda CBR 929RR Xenon step 2.2 Honda CBR 929RR Xenon step 2.3

Step #3:Fit that Shit!!! you can see here that its hitting on both sides
Honda CBR 929RR Xenon step 3.1 Honda CBR 929RR Xenon step 3.2 Honda CBR 929RR Xenon step 3.3

Cut and fit .... and Cut and Fit ..... more cutting and more fitting later I fit the lens on to see if it fits and it is perfect!!!! I was expecting to have to trim the shrouds etc.

Honda CBR 929RR Xenon step 3.4

Heres what the end cut looks like .... time to get the JB weld out!!
Honda CBR 929RR Xenon step 3.5

Backer tape .... and the first layer
Honda CBR 929RR Xenon step 3.6 Honda CBR 929RR Xenon step 3.7

Who else always ends up using the package and the palate!? hahaha
Honda CBR 929RR Xenon step 3.8

Thats all I got done on the weekend ... all I need to do now is shape the JB weld to be even on both sides. shoot it with paint and assemble the lights .... Source: Side_Show on HiD Planet



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Mini H1 twin kit: - Aharon s-slim AMP ballast - Mini Gatlin Gun shrouds - XB35 4300K or 5500K to get the best light output - Of course match your city lights with your xenon low beam and add these in the color you select above (or LED rings like he did in the write-up) - H7 double wire harness motor front (and H7 splitter motor) Please note your vehicle information with the order, so we can check the goods are working with your vehicle!