The Ford Mondeo MK4 from 2007 - 2014 This headlight is sealed with permaseal. Mini H1 projectors fit perfectly in this headlight. When mounted, the H1 bulb might stick out too far to place the cover back on. In this case you'll need to use one of our smaller rubber caps. Bi-xenon projectors mounted in original Hella headlights.

Ford Mondeo MK4 Bi-Xenon mounted on carFord Mondeo MK4 Bi-Xenon projectorFord Mondeo MK4 Mini H1 projectorsFord Mondeo MK4 Permasealed headlights

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Aharon speedstart AMP canbus ballasts - Mini Gatlin Gun shrouds - XB35 4300K or 5000K bulbs for the best light output - H1 high beam splitters