Hi All, Just upgrading my Audi A4 B7 headlights from Halogen to Bi Xenon using this kit.. (See below) Highly recommend RetrofitLab, best service and support you can get! while I have the lights open I am also removing the Orange turn signal cover and spraying the chrome with matt black. Here are some pics with one done and one not for comparison.
Audi A4 B7 projector Mini H1 Bi-xenon Audi A4 B7 xenon retrofit Xenon Audi A4 B7 Mini H1 Copyright by JABOWSI on Audizine
You'll need the Mini H1 twin kit:
Ballasts: Aharon Speedstart Canbus AMP ballasts
Shrouds: Iris shrouds Version of your country Color temperature: XB35 4300 - 5500K for the best light output! LED Position lights: Select color of your xenon bulbs to match them nicely.