Aharon AtomLED X2 Bi-LED headlight projector kit

Aharon AtomLED X2 Bi-LED headlight projector kit

The Aharon AtomLED X2 Bi-LED projector

· Superbright bi-LED projector for direct mounting in small H4 and H7 reflector housings
· Bi-LED – low and high beam from the projector
· Modern 6000k color temperature
· Intense hotspot right below laser-sharp cut-off line
· Full-width efficiency
· Easy to install
· 'Mini' shrouds fit
· Crystal-clear 2,5” glass lens
· 2-year full warranty & 14-day returns
· Fast worldwide shipping

Are you experiencing poor light output? If you’re like most people who turn to Retrofitlab for help, you own a great car, with not-so-great headlights... Perhaps yours are halogen reflector or projector headlights, which can never be anywhere near as bright as a dedicated LED setup. Or perhaps your old xenon lights have gone downhill to the point where driving in the dark is no longer enjoyable (not to say, it’s become outright dangerous). Either way, you can fast-forward directly to a LED headlight that is vastly superior to both halogen and xenon options used in original/OEM headlights. Because of it's small size, the Aharon AtomLED X2 offers effortless retrofitting inside H4 and H7 headlights. But like other small projectors, don't let the size fool you! It's bright and usable! The AtomLED X2 retrofit bi-led projectors tick all the boxes: Bi-LED functionality (both low- and high-beam LED), superior light output, superior durability and simple installation. Because of the threaded shaft it can be mounted directly in the bulb ports of halogen reflectors. Needless to say, each kit includes projectors for both headlights, and you’ll enjoy a comprehensive two-year warranty (to be compared to the limited warranties you’ll see elsewhere).

Here’s why the Aharon AtomLED X2 is a really bright choice:
  • Superior light output
    The light output of the AtomLED X2 remains optimal even after the assembly has warmed up. You also enjoy instant max light output on low as well as high beam, and a much smaller decrease in capacity over time as compared to xenon.
  • LED technology
    LED has a lot of advantages, high efficiency, no start-up time, no large ballasts, no alignment of the bulbs, no bulbs that need to be replaced to name a few...
  • Laser-sharp cutoff
    The beam pattern has a laser-sharp cut-off, ensuring maximum illumination without distracting other traffic. It’s perfectly horizontal along the entire edge of the cut-off. As a nice bonus, the optically clear glass lens of the AtomLED X2 also produces a brilliant blue color flicker at the cut-off, presenting onlookers with a high-class impression.
  • Strategically positioned hotspot
    The AtomLED X2 puts the hotspot right below the cut-off line, not too low and not too high, enabling you to see far and away. The hotspot on the AtomLED X2 is not the most intense, but the light is nicely distributed over the width of the pattern.
  • Full-width vision
    Don’t be fooled by the size of the lens or the projector itself, the beam pattern is wide and useable.
  • Maximum heat dissipation
    For optimal performance, LED headlights need to be cooled properly. That’s why the AtomLED X2 features a powerful cooling fan, with high-quality ball bearings and a precisely engineered impeller (it’s ridiculously durable). Add the lightweight body, and you can see how it’s possible for this extremely compact LED projector to deliver such an extremely high light output.
  • Effortless retrofit
    Because of its size, long threaded shaft and the small diameter of the threaded shaft the mounting is really versatile. With the supplied adapter rings it can be mounted in H4 and H7 halogen reflector headlights. The mounting depth is only 120mm and the diameter with the Mini Gatling shroud is just 92mm. Unlike some other Bi-LED projectors, the fan is incorporated in the lower part of the reflector bowl, and not sticking out, so there is less chance of the fan hitting the lower reflector part. The weight of the projector is kept low to keep the strain on the original mounting points as low as possible. And because the projector is mounted to the original reflector, the height adjustment keeps working.

Retrofitlab garantie en ondersteuning
All products are inspected by our internal quality control prior to shipping and come with a solid 2-year warranty. You’ll also enjoy complimentary access to our highly rated technical support. Retrofitlab have been at the forefront of automotive lighting since 2012, so we can answer most questions immediately. Should you have any queries before or after purchase, please simply refer to our FAQ page or the chat box below.

We look forward to brightening your day (not to mention your night)!


· Superbright bi-LED projector for direct mounting in small H4 and H7 reflector housings
· Mounting hardware for H4 and H7 is included, other bulb types requite some more 'DIY' for mounting
· Shrouds: all shrouds fit, incl. the mini gatling gun
· Integrated LED chips
· Minimal mounting depth: 120mm
· Projector width: 95mm
· For more dimensions, see the Installation information

· Voltage: 9-16V
· Colour temperature 6000K
· Life span: 40,000 Hours (will outlast most cars)
· Body material: metal alloy

These products are not ECE-approved and must not be used on public roads in any exterior application. Use on public roads will invalidate both the operating license and insurance coverage.


Total Length : 138mm
Mounting depth : 120mm
Threaded shaft length : 22mm
Threaded shaft diameter : 21mm
Width : 85mm
Height : 75mm
Lens size : 2,5”
Lens holder length : 43mm

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