Aharon 360 LED Bulbs
· No start-up time
· High output
· High Efficiency
· Less heat
· Perfect for Aharon H1 projectors
· Easier to install than xenon bulbs and ballasts
· Active cooling through high-power fan and passive cooling through aluminium heat sink
· 2 bulbs
· 2-year warranty & 14-day returns
· Fast worldwide shipping
· This product is not ECE-approved / doesn’t have an E-mark and must not be used on public roads in the EU. Within the EU only designated for use on circuit, own terrain, off-road, tuning / car shows.

LED technology
Using projectors is the ultimate solution in headlight improvement. And we want to offer the best LED bulb we could find that;
· Fits in a H1 projector
· Has a good light pattern
· Has a good output

Regular LED bulbs with LED’s on only 2 sides used in a projector usually result in a light pattern that has dark spots. And also has a very disappointing output because the light isn’t emitting the correct way. So using these in projectors is just dangerous and out of the question.

The most obvious solution -which is often also the best- is a LED bulb that emits light from 360 degrees to mimic a xenon bulbs output. Because the projector is used to create a light pattern based on light emitting from all sides of the bulb. The Aharon 360 degree LED bulbs emits light from 360 degrees / 4 sides to get the best results from a LED bulb in a projector. The result is a light pattern and output which is a lot better than the regular LED bulbs.

Although they are still not as good as xenon bulbs (based on the light pattern and output) the Aharon 360 degree LED bulbs have a good pattern and output. Especially in applications where LED technology really shines, like in motorcycles. This way you can use the newest LED technology in a projector setup.

We have tested the different bulbs and you can see and read more info here;
Different types of H1 bulbs tested in the Aharon Mini H1 projector

Here’s why the Aharon 360 LED is a really bright choice;

  • LED technology
    LED has a lot of advantages, high efficiency, no start-up time, no large ballasts, no bulbs that need to be replaced to name a few...
  • Light pattern
    In contrast to LED bulbs with only LED's on 2 sides, the Aharon 360 LED bulbs have LED's on 4 sides to mimic the light emitted from xenon bulbs. This way the light output and pattern wide and doesn't have dark spots.
  • Maximum heat dissipation
    For optimal performance, LED bulbs need to be cooled properly. That’s why the 360 LED bulbs feature a powerful cooling fan and a small heat sink.
  • Effortless retrofit
    The 360 LED fits nicely in the Aharon Mini H1 projector. And because of it's compact rear it usually also fits easily in the headlights itself. The bulbs is turnable to aim the LED's and get the best light pattern. Because the bulb can be removed from the socket/base installation is easy.
  • Retrofitlab warranty and support
    All products are inspected by our internal quality control prior to shipping and come with a solid 2-year warranty. You’ll also enjoy complimentary access to our highly rated technical support. Retrofitlab have been at the forefront of automotive lighting since 2012, so we can answer most questions immediately. Should you have any queries before or after purchase, please simply refer to our FAQ page or the chat box.

So when you want to use LED bulbs make the smart choice and use the Aharon 360 degree LED bulbs.
This product is not ECE-approved / doesn’t have an E-mark and must not be used on public roads in the EU. Within the EU only designated for use on circuit, own terrain, off-road, tuning / car shows.

· Aharon Mini H1 projectors
· H1 high beam reflectors

General data
· LED chips: Seoul CSP
· Power: around 30W
· Color temperature: 6000k
· Output: around 2800lm
· Lifespan: >50000 hours · Working voltage: 9-32vdc

· Length: 76mm
· Width fan part: 34mm

These products are not ECE-approved and must not be used on public roads in any exterior application. Use on public roads will invalidate both the operating license and insurance coverage.

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depending on your location.

14 days returns

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2 year warranty

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