This Yamaha YZF R1 retrofit kit contains everything you need to convert your halogen setup into a powerful Bi-LED projector headlight. The standard lighting of the YZF R1 is not really good, or maybe we can just say dangerous? And then only 1 side is lit, which does not really benefit the looks of this cool bike. These are aspects that we have taken into account with the design of our custom upgrade kit.

The light output is greatly improved by the use of Bi-LED technology. But also because with the double projectors you have 2x low beam and 2x high beam. So both lamps are on, which greatly improves the output and looks!

Our custom headlight upgrade kit includes everything you need. The most important part of the kit are the projectors. In this kit, we have chosen a Bi-LED projector, the Aharon AtomLED X2. This projector is perfect for motorcycle headlights. Good light output and the sharp cut-off means it is not blinding on oncoming traffic. In terms of safety, therefore, a big advantage.
And thanks to the LED technology, no large ballasts as is the case with xenon, which benefits the installation convenience. The color of the LED is about 6000k which is a modern bright white color.
This Bi-LED projector also provides the high beam, so an improvement is guaranteed in terms of low beam and high beam.
The shrouds around the crystal clear glass lens that nicely cover the projectors are included in the kit and fit well with the headlight. They are chrome as standard, a black version is also available.

In terms of installation, we have also tried to make everything as easy as possible. A custom-designed laser-cut mounting plate, bracket, is included to mount the projectors perfectly aligned. We also supply all necessary bolts/nuts to secure everything. To help you with installation, we have a mounting video (see 'installation'). And the original height adjustment keeps working.

The wiring harness and high beam splitter matched to the Yamaha YZF R1 ensure a reliable power supply and control of both Bi-LED projectors. As a result, you do not have to cut and/or solder in the original wiring, you can just connect it to the connectors on the original wiring/battery. To prevent making it rocket science to connect the wiring harness, there is a clear connection diagram with your order. The power supply is strong, stable, and reliable.

The original small halogen city lights are much more yellow in color than the color of the LED projector, so we also recommend replacing the city lights while you are at it, so that they match nicely with the projector in terms of color. You can also add a time delay relay, which reduces the load on the sensitive electronic circuit by delaying the activation of the headlight for 10 seconds after switching on the ignition. This relay is easy to install by replacing the relay in the supplied wiring harness for the delay relay.
The optional breathing vents help prevent condensation in the headlight by providing better ventilation.

This complete Yamaha YZF R1 retrofit kit is inspected by our internal quality control and comes with a solid 2-year warranty. Also included is the highly-rated technical support from's experts

Are you in doubt? Do you have questions? Please check our FAQ page or contact us so we can assist.

This is a fairly straightforward retrofit that even complete novices can do, but those with more skills and experience will be quicker. Discounting removal and replacement of the headlights, you could expect the job to take anything from one to three hours.

Simply open the Yamaha YZF R1 headlights (they’re sealed with butyl, so that’s a quick job), mount the projectors and shrouds, and reseal. Done.

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Professional installation
This complete kit has been especially developed to enable retrofitting at home, saving you the cost of installation. However, should you prefer to have the kit installed by a professional? Check out LIST OF DEALERS / INSTALLERS
Please note that, for professional retrofits, you should order your Retrofitlab kit or parts directly from the workshop in question (it saves you money on shipping).

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