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Aharon Optimus TR mini - Bi-xenon projectors

The Aharon Optimus TR mini D2S Bi-xenon projector

· Brightest D2S projector available for direct mounting in small H4 housings
· Bi-xenon – low and high beam from the projector
· Intense hotspot right below laser-sharp cut-off line
· Full-width efficiency
· Easy to install
· Crystal-clear 2,5” glass lens
· 2-year full warranty & 14-day returns
· Fast worldwide shipping

Do other cars constantly outshine yours? Poor light output from your headlights? Want to have custom headlights with a luxury car class output? Plug-and-play xenon and LED bulbs are downright dangerous for other traffic. And even the most powerful halogen, LED, or xenon bulb directly mounted to a reflector won’t get you anywhere near the brightness of a dedicated retrofitted bi-xenon setup. Luckily, every step in retrofitting a bi-xenon projector to a halogen headlight is about as easy as changing a bulb. The Aharon Optimus TR mini does not only offer effortless retrofitting; it’s also on of the brightest D2S bi-xenon projector available for direct mounting in small H4 halogen reflectors! A product of years of research and development, this premium retrofit kit ticks all the boxes: bi-xenon functionality (both low- and high-beam xenon), superior light output, superior durability and simple installation.

The Aharon Optimus TR mini, the ultimate D2S projector for small H4 reflector headlights
The Optimus TR mini is a compact 2,5"projector, its the little brother of the Aharon Optimus TR. The design is partly based on the Mini H1, because the original ‘Mini H1’ design is now used for many years and because of its versatility and really good output it’s the favorite projector for a lot of retrofitters. Despite the already good design, there was still room for improvement. The Aharon Optimus TR mini is based on the proven basics (Mini H1 7.1/8.1 etc.), but is improved to provide a higher durability (better solenoid for example) and for holding D2S bulbs. A big advantage is that also the small Mini gatling gun shrouds fit, which is a common shroud for use in small reflector housings. So it really lives up to the name ‘Optimus TR mini’.

Needless to say, each kit includes projectors for both headlights, and you’ll enjoy a comprehensive two-year warranty (to be compared to the limited warranties you’ll see elsewhere).

Here’s why the Aharon Optimus TR mini is a really bright choice:
  • Superior light output
    For easy mounting in small H4 reflectors, the Optimus TR mini is the best 2,5” D2S bi-xenon projector we have available. Comparing the output to a standard halogen bulb (or plug and play LED/Xenon bulbs) is just unfair because the Optimus TR mini will outshine them by so much... And because it can hold D2S bulbs, you have access to high quality bulb options from for example Osram, which will ensure the highest output possible.
  • Laser-sharp cutoff
    The beam pattern has a laser-sharp cut-off, ensuring maximum illumination without distracting other traffic. It’s perfectly horizontal along the entire edge of the cut-off. As a nice bonus, the optically clear glass lens of your Aharon also produces a brilliant blue color flicker at the cut-off, presenting onlookers with a high-class impression.
  • Strategically positioned hotspot
    The Optimus TR mini puts the hotspot right below the cut-off line, not too low and not too high, enabling you to see far and away.
  • Full-width vision
    Don’t be fooled by the size of the lens or the projector itself, the beam pattern is wide and useable. There are projectors with more width, but also a lot (bigger) projectors with less width. The Optimus TR mini offers an ideal combination between a wide pattern and a high output in the hotspot. You’ll also have plenty of light on the dark sides of the road.
  • Effortless retrofit
    Because of its size, lens holder and threaded shaft, the projector can be mounted quite easily in even small H4 reflector housings (adapter ring included). The mounting depth is only 115mm (although around 120mm is preferred) and the diameter with the Mini Gatling shroud is just 92mm. The weight of the projector is kept low to keep the strain on the original mounting points as low as possible. And because the projector is mounted to the original reflector, the height adjustment keeps working.

Retrofitlab warranty and support
All products are inspected by our internal quality control prior to shipping and come with a solid 2-year warranty. You’ll also enjoy complimentary access to our highly rated technical support. Retrofitlab have been at the forefront of automotive lighting since 2012, so we can answer most questions immediately. Should you have any queries before or after purchase, please simply refer to our FAQ page or the chat box below.

We look forward to brightening your day (not to mention your night)!


· Brightest projector available for direct mounting in small H4 halogen reflectors
· Mounting hardware for H4 is included, other bulb types requite some more 'DIY' for mounting
· Shrouds: Mini type shrouds like the Mini Gatling gun and also the larger ones with centric rings
· Bulbs: D2S / D2H xenon bulbs
· Minimal mounting depth: 115mm
· Projector width: 87mm
· For more dimensions, see the Installation information

These products are not ECE-approved and must not be used on public roads in any exterior application. Use on public roads will invalidate both the operating license and insurance coverage.


Total Length : 139mm
Mounting depth : 115mm, 120mm clearance is advised
Threaded shaft length : 24mm
Width : 87mm
Height : 72mm
Lens size : 2,5”
Lens holder + lens length : 70mm



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