Yamaha MT07

The Yamaha MT-07 is one of the bestselling Yamaha bikes -and for a reason- it is an awesome bike! Yamaha says it is inspired by ‘The dark side of Japan’ but we have made it look even better with a blacked out projector headlight. To make your MT-07 look even better than original, we have developed a very cool upgrade kit to improve looks and light output and safety which is always a big plus on a bike. Update 2018: besides the info below, we have also developed a kit with a mounting bracket, for more info and the installation video Click here


With the black matte painted shroud what this customer did you'll have a really rough and good looking headlight in the MT07, but also with the regular chrome E46-R shrouds it will be perfect!

Open the headlight

The headlight of the MT07 is pretty easy to open, with their butyl sealant you can easily open it when you've heat it!

Where to hide the ballast

As shown on the pictures, the best place to ' hide ' the ballast is in under the seat! So if you want that, you can order extended AMP wires included your order! Next to the AMP extend wires you should need the 9006 'ballast' extended wires!

Bi-xenon projector

This projectors are bi-xenon, so you'll run low beam and high beam both through the new bi-xenon Mini H1 projector!

icon Yamaha MT-07 / FZ-07 (2014-2017) Bi-Xenon


Click the button herebove to go directly to the right page in our shop to order this kit! In this Yamaha is used: Mini H1 motor kit - Aharon slim ballast AMP - E46-r shroud - XB35 5500k bulb for the best light out put. - You can also order the position lights to match up with the xenons Here you can find the pictures of the retrofitted Yamaha! Yamaha MT07 Xenon dipped beam light output Yamaha MT07 Xenon ballast side Yamaha MT07 Xenon front ballast Yamaha MT07 Xenon front fitted on bike Yamaha MT07 Xenon projector front close fitted Yamaha MT07 Xenon Mini D2S side close fitted Yamaha MT07 Xenon side no lens Yamaha MT07 Xenon front no lens Yamaha MT07 Xenon open head light Yamaha MT07 Xenon head light on D2S closeup Yamaha MT07 Xenon main beam light output Source: Gaz2122 on Motorcycle Talk