Volvo V50 / S50 These headlight are from the category of "easiest to retrofit". These Bosch/AL headlights are already equiped with projectors. The projectors can easily be removed from the rear opening of the headlight, it's not necessary to bake them open. The original H7 halogen or D2S xenon projectors are okay, but nothing spectacular. The reflectors from the Bosch/AL projectors are known to burn after the years, reducing the light output. We have 2 Bi-xenon options to replace the projectors with. The first option is the D2S E46 Bi-xenon projector which is a direct replacement, without any modification. The second option is the Mini H1 projector with a special RFL made bracket for easy bolt on fitment. E-mail us and order directly!

Volvo V50 Xenon projector Volvo V50 Xenon retrofit kit Volvo V50 Xenon ballast Volvo V50 Xenon D2S projector Volvo V50 Xenon projector and bulb installed Source: Jon TDI on Volvo

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