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Aharon Mini H1 Primo - Bi-xenon projectors

By far the most popular retrofit projector! Already known for a number of years, he has got his most significant upgrade untill now. The Mini H1 is now better than ever before with a completely resedigned reflector. Compared to previous generations, the light output has increased ny not less than 80%!

By applying a new "dual layer" design in the reflector , the light output has become much better than previous generations. This technique is also used in Acura TL and EvoX - R projectors. Directly below the cutoff is a bright hotspot is clearly visible, and as result of that you have good night vision in the further distance.

What works well shouldn't be changed. Therefore, the projectors still feature a crystal clear lens that generates a super sharp cutoff. The projected DOT cutoff is clearly visible on dark roads. Bi-xenon means that this projector can project both low and high beam. By default, it gives low beam, but once the solenoid is actived by 12 Volts, the projector will give a full high beam.

Also unchanged is the ease of installation . The projectors are still relatively easy to install in H4 and H7 halogen fittings with the supplied adapter plates. Check out our different full HD instructional videos on our YouTube channel!

The earlier generations were all right, but this generation leaves many OEM projector behind them performance wise. All our shrouds can be mounted on this projector . As the name implies, only H1 xenon bulbs (and H1 halogen bulbs) can be used.

Differences compared to the previous versions:

Screw threath

Light output

in numbers



Full compared information? Check out our blog!


Which projector do you recommend for my vehicle? That is a question we often get, which is why we decided to make a database which contains all our vehicle specific knowledge. Follow this link to our database to check your vehicle.

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  • 2x Mini H1 Bi-xenon projectors (low and high beams)
  • 2x Shroud
  • 2x H7 adapter plates
  • 2xH4 adapter plates
  • 2x Rubber washers
  • 2x Machined Lock rings

2 Year full warranty Free personal customer support from RFL.
These products are not ECE-approved and must not be used on public roads in any exterior application. Use on public roads will invalidate both the operating license and insurance coverage.



  • Vehicles Ideal for H4 and H7 headlights. Also fits 9003, 9006,9007, H11 en H13 headlights
  • Bulbs Only H1 bulbs
  • Ballast With AMP connectors (small round connectors, most common)
  • Shrouds: All shrouds we offer


Height: 70mm
Width: 80mm
Depth: 136mm
Mounting depth: 120mm
Lens diameter: 2.5 inch

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