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Looking for the modern white Leds for you license plate lighting? This is the product you are looking for!

The first 2 numbers stands for the length of the bulb in mm, the third one stands for the number of LED chips the bulb contains. For example:
FST 36-2:
36 -> 36mm
2 -> 2 LED chips

These SMD Led bulbs are a direct replacement for the traditional halogen bulbs. Installation is very easy and finished within a few minutes. In most cases you only have to u remove 2 screws to take the old bulb out of the fitting. Simply replace them with these Leds, close it with the screws and you're done!

Unique with Retrofitlab is the option to choose a color temperature, 4300K Led or 6000K Led. There are different vendors offering similar bulbs, but you will most likely not find the option to choose the color temperature. These so called white Leds are in practice between 6000K and 8000K. They call it "pure white", but it is actually a blueish white color. Every OEM vehicle manufacturer uses only 4300K Leds. Every color temperature higher than that will be noticeably blueish, giving it a cheaper aftermarket look. No doubt that we recommend 4300K Leds!

There are also complete license plate light units on the market. These replace not only the bulb, but the entire housing of the bulb. We've also considered offering these units, but after testing these units we decided not to. These units produce a lot more light than original bulbs, allowing not only to light up the license plate, but even the road directly behind the car. These units also have a color temperature higher than 4300K, giving it the blueish tint. The fitment is not very good, and the price is also a lot higher.

The bulbs are canbus proof, and give no error on the display of your car. The bulbs are of high quality, we provide a 2 year warranty!

Please note: please check this page to find the correct size: Osram Bulb Finder.


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