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The Iris shroud is probably our most simple, yet sophisticated designed shroud. It’s modeled after the Volkswagen Tiguan.

It has a very clean look, combining a perfectly smooth surface with a black textured circle on the inside, surrounding the projector lens.

A small part of the shroud is flat, making it easier to fit in most headlight reflectors. The build quality and appearance of this shroud is really outstanding.

Like most of our projector shrouds, shroud centric rings are included for easy installation.

Do you want to do a groupbuy? Want a bundle price together with other retrofit parts? Or any other questions about the Iris shroud? Contact us now!

Projectors Mini H1, Mini D2S
Projectors (with trimming) FX-R 1.1, FX-R 3.0


Height 115mm
Width 125mm
Depth 35mm
Lens compatibility 2.5 and 3.0 inch
Recommended CCFL or Led ring diameter 90mm & 100mm (front face mounting)


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