Aharon D2S XB35 - Xenon HID bulbs

Aharon D2S XB35 - Xenon HID bulbs

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You really want to squeeze the maximum amount of light out of your projectors? Then there is no discussion possible, these are your bulbs!

  1. By far the strongest D2S aftermarket xenon bulbs on the market (and better as some OEM bulbs as well)
  2. Top quality with 2 years warranty
  3. Also available in popular 5500K color temperature

Questions about the D2S XB35 xenon bulb? Contact us today!

  • 2 Brand new D2S XB35 xenon bulbs
  • 2 Year warranty
  • Free personal customer support from RFL

Ballasts Every ballast with D2S connector.
Headlights Mini D2S Bi-xenon projector.
Also OEM projector housings (D2S)!


Lifetime 2500 hours (7-10 years with average use)
Lumens +/- 3000 lumens (depending on color temperature)
Color temperatures 4300K, 5500K & 6000K


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