Aharon AvantiLED LED headlight bulb

Aharon AvantiLED LED headlight bulb

Aharon AvantiLED

· Exceptionally bright
· Correct light pattern
· Modern and stylish look
· Durable
· Compact size for effortless installation
· 2-year full warranty & 14-day returns
· Fast worldwide shipping

Want to improve your lighting safely? With an easy installation? We now have the ultimate solution, the premium Aharon AvantiLED. Finally an easy to install LED bulb that performs well in a reflector, without blinding oncoming traffic. So when you want an easy to install light improvement, this is the best solution for you. Why you are wondering? Well, because the AvantiLED;
- Takes LED bulbs to the next level, a real advancement
- Is an easy replacement for you or your mechanic
- Light output is improved around 300% in comparison with halogen bulbs
- The light output/pattern is good and is not blinding for oncoming traffic
- Taking the lifespan (>30.000 hours)into account, the AvantiLED is almost free!
- One pair/set contains 2 bulbs.
- Available in H1, H4 and H7
- Other fittings on request

Here’s why the Aharon AvantiLED is a really bright choice:
  • Exceptionally bright
    Tested: Improvement of over 300% in light output over a halogen bulb. They produce around 5000 lumen per bulb and have a power rating or around 45 watts. Which results in a better visibility and safety. A truly remarkable improvement in light output
  • Correct light pattern
    The Aharon AvantiLED is not only designed for the highest output, but also to provide a light output with a good light pattern (tested). Light output alone is not enough for a good visibility. The light pattern / spreading is also a very important. Sure there can be 1.000.000 lumen LED’s, but you won’t have any advantage from it when it is a very narrow beam with dark spots on the sides. And because the high output probably also a lot of stray light in a reflector housing. We wouldn’t want to sell these kind of bulbs, because we want to improve the lighting and safety and not do the opposite, less useful visibility and blinding others. And because the bulb can be rotated in the base, the pattern can be tuned to perfection.
  • Modern and Stylish look
    The white 6000k color temperature (up to 6500k) matches the modern light color from the newest high class BMW’s, Audi’s etc. So also the looks are improved.
  • Durable
    The use of high quality G-XP LED’s, a good cooling and waterproof (tested) and dustproof design with an IP65 IP rating ensures a long lifespan of (al lot more than) 30.000 hours. And with our 2 year warranty, you won’t have any risk of costs of failing bulbs.
  • Compact and effortless installation
    Due to the small size and design, installation is worry free and you can enjoy an almost instant improvement. On most vehicles the installation is plug and play. For vehicles with special bulb holders (For example Golf 7) please contact us. The base can be turned to achieve the correct light pattern/cut-off which is an easy but very important part of a correct installation. For vehicles with CAN bus systems, the optional CAN bus canceller can be used to prevent bulb failure errors.

Retrofitlab warranty and support
All products are inspected by our internal quality control prior to shipping and come with a solid 2-year warranty. You’ll also enjoy complimentary access to our highly rated technical support. Retrofitlab have been at the forefront of automotive lighting since 2012, so we can answer most questions immediately. Should you have any queries before or after purchase, please simply refer to our FAQ page or the chat box below.

We look forward to brightening your day (not to mention your night)!


· Brightest H1, H4, H7 LED we have available for use in reflector or projector headligths (other bulb types on request)
· Easy to install in most cars
· Suitable for low and high beam
· The light pattern can be tuned to perfection because the bulb can be turned in the base
· CAN bus adapter is needed for cars with CAN bus system
· Some cars require an adapter
· Minimal mounting depth on the rear for the fan: 31mm
· For more dimensions, see the Installation information
· H1, H4, H7 LED other bulb types on request

These products are not ECE-approved and must not be used on public roads in any exterior application. Use on public roads will invalidate both the operating license and insurance coverage.


Total Length 73mm
Mounting depth for fan 31mm
Fan Width 30mm
Driver size 50mm x 30mm x 14mm


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