All of the outlet Osram HID xenon bulbs are discounted because the bulb cases have damage due to a manufacturing mistake or shipping. In some cases, the trust label is opened because, for example, we have opened the package to check the bulbs and/or remove broken tabs inside the casing.
The bulbs are still of the highest quality and are not damaged (or it is mentioned separately). The ...-HCB are delivered with 2 bulbs in a Hard Case Box. The bulbs are discounted 20% from our regular price, in some cases the discount is even higher.

Osram Cool Blue Boost HID Xenon Bulbs

If you are looking for a xenon bulb with a blue glow, high light output, and the best German quality, then this is the best choice. The color temperature of up to 7000k is white with a blue glow, which provides a state-of-the-art look.
100% original and authentic Osram. We buy directly from Osram so you can rest assured that they are original Osram lamps.

The hyper blue xenon light with up to 7000k

XENARC COOL BLUE BOOST convinces with hyper blue xenon light and a high color temperature of up to 7,000K. This is due to a special filling system instead of a conventional coating.
These products are not ECE approved and may not be used for outdoor applications on public roads.
In some countries, the sale and use of these products is prohibited.
It is recommended to have the XENARC lamp in pairs and replaced by a professional.

Made in Germany

Osram Xenarc Night Breaker Laser Xenon HID Bulbs

The best Osram bulb with the highest output and is suitable for bad weather conditions (rain/snow/fog etc.)

XENARC NIGHT BREAKER LASER is the brightest OSRAM xenon light. This powerful lamp with efficient xenon technology ensures a better visibility on the road: up to 200% more brightness compared to the minimum legal standard. More light allows to see further and therefore react sooner. Added to this is the up to 250 meter long beam and up to 20% whiter light, close to laser look (compared to the minimum legal standard). Discover the pure performance of XENARC NIGHT BREAKER LASER - the most powerful xenon light from OSRAM. Please note: XENARC lamp change is recommended to be carried out by a professional and in pairs.

These xenon bulbs are available for all main front headlight functions and are ECE-compliant.

Impressive at a glance:
Up to 200% more brightness (compared to the minimum legal standard)
Up to 250 m long beam (compared to the minimum legal standard)
Up to 20% whiter light, close to laser look (compared to the minimum legal standard)
Optimized light distribution for higher performance
Color temperature: 4500 Kelvin


Osram Cool Blue Intense Next Gen HID Xenon Bulbs

The Extra White Light With Up To 6,200 K

XENARC COOL BLUE INTENSE Next Gen– discover that modern look at high power! With its extra white light for LED look, high-contrast xenon light, this automotive lamp appeals especially to drivers who like the perfect combination of stylish and individual design with exceptional road illumination.

The high-tech xenon light with color temperatures of up to 6,200 Kelvin comes up with highly efficient technology, brilliant effect, and no-compromise design. Thanks to a special filling system which is used instead of conventional coating the lamp emits its extra white light. This stylish light creates a high-attention effect that helps you to be better seen by other motorists.

Discover the exceptionally bright, high-contrast, and brilliantly white light with up to 6,200 Kelvin and 150% more brightness! With XENARC COOL BLUE INTENSE, the night turns into day. Please note: XENARC lamp change is recommended to be carried out by a professional.


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