High quality HID xenon bulbs

Looking for HID xenon bulbs? We can help you out! In our extensive range of high quality and budget HID xenon bulbs, you are guaranteed to find the bulb that meets your requirements.
We have most types of xenon HID lamps and versions in stock and can be shipped the same day.

We have a suitable HID xenon bulb for every fitting. So not only to switch from halogen to xenon but also to replace xenon bulbs with new ones.

Our Primo line is the best HID xenon bulb when you don't want to spend too much money.
The Aharon XB line is a very good bulb at a very attractive price and therefore has an extremely good price/quality ratio.
Osram and Philips lamps cannot be surpassed in terms of quality and light output.

The lamps we sell are also tested by us to ensure that we are selling good quality lamps.

The xenon lamps have different color temperatures, we have xenon lamps in the range with a color temperature of 3000k, 4300k, 5000k, 5500k, 6000k, 6500k, and 8000k.
Roughly speaking, 3000k is yellow, 5500k is pure white and above 6000k the color becomes a bit bluer.

Of course, all our products come with a 2-year warranty (or more) and we are happy to help you with advice.

So looking for 9006, H1, H4, H7, D1S, D2S, D3S, D4S, D5S, D2H, D2R HID xenon bulbs? Cheap/budget or the best quality? Retrofitlab can help you!

Please note, H type xenon / LED lamps are not ECE approved/do not have an E-mark, and may not be used on public roads in the EU. Within the EU only intended for use on, for example, a track, private terrain, off-road, tuning/car shows.

HID xenon Bulbs

HID xenon Bulbs



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