Do you want to equip your BMW E46 with angel eyes? From now on this is possible through LED rings, which are easy to install! Create a modern look that matches the latest generation BMW’s.

Installation is easy due to a simple click system (see video). Each ring is provided with more than 120 leds. The leds are placed so close to each other that the individual led lights cannot be seen separately anymore. Together with a transparent diffuser, this creates an evenly lit ring. The light intensity of these lights is high enough to function as daytime running lights. The controller box automatically dims the rings to 50% brightness when the headlights are switched on, so the lights can be used in the dark. If the lights were fully lit at night, other vehicles would be blinded.

US / Canada 
In the EU the parking lights / DRL are different bulbs, which are used for powering/switching the halo's. In US/CA models, the high beam bulb is used as a DRL by supplying a low voltage to the bulb instead of 12v. Because of this, the original DRL can't be used to power the halo's. It can be powered by a different wire, but it requires more DIY than we show in the installation video.

The rings are available in two color temperatures: 5000K and 6000K and come in three versions: suitable for either E46 halogen and projector headlights, or the E46 compact. The rings match the E46 Mini H1 kit perfectly. You get a discount when you order the rings and the kit at the same time!

Highlighted customer review:
Best Angel Eyes On The Market For Your E46 the market. All other brands look very similar, but if you take a moment to look at Retrofitlab's angel eyes, you will notice the LEDs are smaller and more refine. The other brands are larger and more spaced out. This gives the eyes a more continuous glow (as opposed to a bunch of dots making up a ring). And these lights are bright but not super nova bright. They really stand out in the daytime and nighttime. This product has exceeded my expectations and looks even better than the OEM on the newer BMW models.

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